HeadShots 314

About Abby

Abby Markson is a musician who graduated from the critically acclaimed Musician’s Institute, MI, in Hollywood, California. At MI, Abby was trained in all types of guitar styles, such as rock, jazz, blues, metal, funk, folk, acoustic,etc. Abby’s introduction to music was in elementary school when she first began her musical training on the violin with a member of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra, as well as performing with her elementary school orchestra. From the violin, Abby branched out to the guitar and since then has made guitar the focus of her musical craft. Before moving to California, she studied privately in Phoenix with Carole Pellat, a locally renowned guitarist for several years.

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  1. The Ocean
  2. Let's All Go to War!
  3. Everything
  4. All I See is Red
  5. Misty Mountain Hop